The Big Move

You bought the house now it’s time to move…

Moving is never fun. For most people it is the first time in their life they wish they had less stuff! For us it was especially difficult because our closing was delayed massively. This meant the people we had lined up to help us move were no longer available. The big move occurred for us with a U-Haul truck and some desperate last-minute calls to family when we realized we just couldn’t handle it all ourselves.

Ideally when you buy a home, you have a closing and then shortly after that a moving company shows up and whisks away all your junk to your new home. In our world I had a few things working against this idea. First, I didn’t want to spend that much money since we were already paying a lot for the roof. Secondly, I constantly looked around our house and thought, “We got this.” Long story short… we didn’t have it.

So, I have complied some quick and easy steps to get you moved with minimal stress:

  1. If you can hire a moving company, do it. I think for us the budgeting piece of this move outweighed our logic. We really did have too much stuff to handle it all on our own. A great resource we found and used after was U-Haul. Right on you can hire movers to help with a truck you rent and it’s very affordable.
  2. Call in reinforcements. Even if you have a moving company it’s worth having some friends and family there to help with the breakables, closets and food. Among other things, these items seem to always take more time then planned.
  3. Have the new house clean and ready to go. Due to the timing of everything we had to reschedule our cleaning company multiple times. The previous owner also left a great deal of furniture that needed to be moved to make room for our things. Better off starting with a blank slate.
  4. Pack a box to take in the car. This box will be a lifesaver, keep reading for my free editable download with the To Move in Car Checklist
  5. Label, label, label. Then go ahead and label again. Without labels the people moving things have no direction. Best thing to do is label your boxes by room and list a few items in them as well. Then when you get to the new house, label the rooms. This will eliminate any confusion.

It goes without saying that the big move will be stressful. Just take a deep breath because I promise you the world will not come to an end if something breaks. Many times, moving can be exhausting but in the end, it will be worth all the stress and frustration.

Let me know how your latest move went, or any tips you have! Leave a comment down below and let’s see if we can add even more items to the list!

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