Organization for Long Term Rental

If you have been following along then you know we have a country home that we are renting until we find our forever home. One thing that has been a struggle is organization. When living in a rental home, you can only do so much. The property we are living in now had a few key components we needed which is why it made the decision of renting this home much easier.

Room for Storage

I know this will sound crazy, but when we were looking for a property, I was looking for a house that had an entire room I could use for storage. When we moved we knew we would be downsizing and I wasn’t quite ready to purge all our belongings. I love to entertain, and we have quite a collection of books. Although I didn’t think we would be using these items while in our rental I still wanted a place to keep them. This house has an over-sized back bedroom that we have filled with large plastic containers that house all the items I have no need to unpack. If we didn’t have this space then we would be looking at upwards of one hundred dollars a month for a storage unit, and that wasn’t in the budget.

Exterior Storage Space

Many of the homes we had seen did not have a garage. This is a big thing to consider when renting or buying a home. I was shocked at how much stuff our garage held! On moving day, I was looking at all the beautiful boxes I packed along with my husbands fishing poles and our Christmas Tree. I will say this property did not have a barn or large shed, but it had a small one that housed the washer and dryer, so I knew we had additional space if needed. Ironically enough the Christmas Tree never made it out there, but the fishing poles and tools now have a place to live.

Kitchen Storage

I am Italian so by nature I love to cook! This means I have lots of kitchen stuff. Yes, stuff… there truly is no better word to explain it all. Kitchen space was not something I was willing to give up. Entertaining or not, I cook multiple meals every day and I needed a way to organize my items. The home we chose had a huge kitchen island with under cabinet storage. The pantry, although small, has two sides that open. This means I can use one side for food items and the other for general storage needs.

As the weeks go on, I will take you to our home and show you some of the organization hacks we have come up with to make our rental home space work for us. I’m always interested in anything that is working for you, what trouble spots have you had to work around in your home? Take second and comment below with some of your favorite organizational hacks that you have implemented in your home!


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