Home Inspection Results

So, you got your home inspection results… now what?

If your home inspection report looked anything like mine it’s about 100+ pages of confusing findings. When our inspector left he told me about the roof, and some minor problems. Then I pulled the report up and started panicking. Everything was listed from a hot water heater he couldn’t find to a light fixture that needed replacement. After I read through the entire document, I needed some time to let it soak in. At the end of the day I simply love the property we are about to buy, and we knew from the beginning it was going to need some work.

We originally opted in for a home inspection which also included a wind mitigation inspection, 4 points inspection and termite inspection. All of these are very important here in Florida. The 4 point is what is required by insurance offices. Where wind is for storm and hurricane information and termites… well its Florida and we have bugs.

The first thing you need to do is figure out how to read your inspection report. Most of them look similar and have a grid or directions at the beginning explaining what you see. On ours we had four different classifications.

IN – Inspected

NI – Not Inspected

NP – Not Present

RR – Repair or Replace

Each line item on the inspection is categorized with one of these four codes. Some examples of what you might see would be NP (Not Present) if the home does not have an alarm system. We had NI (Not Inspected) listed for the hot water heater. Turns out it is in the attic and due to an addition. The home the inspector could not get to it due to a wall. Otherwise if it’s there, expect it to be inspected. He even took pictures of the A/C filter because it needed to be changed!

You may be thinking why do I need all of this? Well, once we had a full report that covered things we knew about, like the roof, and things we didn’t we were able to put together a to do list. When you are purchasing a home that is a bit of a fixer upper you need to be able to prioritize the projects. If you don’t then you would end up very overwhelmed.

Replace a roof or take down a wall?

One of the biggest things we had already known about was the roof that needed to be replaced. Because the roof was in bad shape, there was a previous leak which has caused water damage. What we didn’t know was there is also dry rot from water damage in an exterior wall that was part of an addition that wasn’t done correctly. My dream of moving in and knocking down an annoying wall in the middle of the house has taken the back burner. Now we will be spending our time replacing the roof, water damaged ceiling, and exterior wall before we make any progress with aesthetic changes to the house.

The home inspection for us was worth every penny. It’s easy to consider all the things you want to do to make a house your home, but it does take some patience. Now that we have an inspection we have an action plan, and a super long list of new wants and needs. However, these wants and needs all apply to our new Florida farmhouse.

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