Goat Love

A furry addition… or two… or six!

About a month ago now, we had a pretty big addition to our family of four. Pure goat love is the only way to explain it! For those of you who know us personally, this shouldn’t come as a surprise but others may think we have lost it! One of the things I have said from the moment we started saving for our forever home was that I wanted goats. Well the stars aligned shortly after we moved in and we found the perfect situation. I’m here today to introduce you to our little herd of Pygmy Goats.

Petunia and Luna are our mamas and to give you a little background on their story we adopted them from a family that is moving out of state. They have been with the family since they were babies and are the sweetest girls ever. In fact Luna was Petunia’s first born. The family they were with loved and cared for them for years but when they learned the cost of a livestock certificate for each animal when moving to Montana they realized they were better off finding their herd a loving home and starting fresh.

Now just to clarify, I planned for two goats. Two and I ended up with six! Turns out Petunia and Luna were both expecting when we found out about them. As timing would have it they both gave birth to twins and of course I just couldn’t separate the bunch. It was hard enough not adopting the other eight the family had!

First up is Petunia…

She is our mama and grand mama. Petunia is a lover and will rub all over your legs until you provide her the attention she deserves. She is about five years old now and had Luna about two years ago. Ironically enough the two are inseparable now, but Luna never took to Petunia so she was a bottle baby.  Petunia is always keeping an eye out on things. She checks out everyone who enters the pasture and is the one standing guard in the pen if it’s late and she hears a commotion.

Totes and Margarita…

Above you see Totes (as in Totes my Goats… yes my husband named him) and Margarita. These two are the older set of twins and belong to Petunia. Totes is a total lover boy and will snuggle away. He comes up for all the pets and has begun head-butting you with those little horns if he’s ignored. Margarita… not so much. She will just now let you give her some head scratches, but if you want cuddles then you have to catch her! She likes to play hard to get.


Luna is Petunia’s daughter, Totes and Margarita’s older sister and Hermione and Minerva’s mama. Are you keeping up? I think I need a family tree to explain all this. Anyway, since she was a bottle baby she has always been around people and is sweet and kind. However, food is her main source of motivation. If there is grass or a full bowl of food she doesn’t have time for you! She is also the only one who will try to climb you to reach her bowl. Very greedy!

Lastly, Hermione and Minerva (Mini)…

Hermione is our other cuddle bug. Where Totes will come up and ask for snuggles she plays hard to get at first but get jealous when others are getting the love. She is also the noisiest of the bunch. If she wants to be held she will tell you. She’s also the one you hear screaming for me when I’m walking up to the pasture. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Minerva or Mini as we call her is an entirely different story. She’s all black with baby horns and is just now starting to come up to sniff the humans. She also seems to prefer keeping to herself. As the tiniest of the bunch I am always worried about her. For a while I thought everyone was ignoring her, now I realize it’s her who is ignoring them. A bit sassy if you ask me.

What’s next?

These new additions have been just what we needed around here. I am absolutely in love with each and every one of them. As they are growing up, we can see their personalities more and more. So your welcome, or I’m sorry for all the goat pictures you will be subject to in the future!

Stay tuned for more on what we did to prepare for their arrival, and what that arrival actually looked like. I’ll give you a hint… think puppy melt down. Yup, it was as crazy as you think.


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  1. Love reading this!! Definatly need to put a goat family tree together and frame it! I want to meet all of them!

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