Do You Need A Trial House?

Renting or Buying, how do you know which to chose?

This is a tough topic to discuss. The reason why is because so many times we want something, so we just jump in with both feet and go for it. We live in a society of immediate gratification. I’m all about taking risks (or maybe not so much), but when it came to the decision of purchasing the home we are going to live in forever, I wanted to take things slow. A rental house was the great first step for us.


So, let’s start at the beginning… what is a trial house? For us, a trial house is the five-and-a-half-acre, we had some tough decisions to make. We started looking at properties and couldn’t seem to decide. We were living in an area of town that was very overpopulated, and I was concerned we were making a hasty decision to move out to the country.

Instead of making a large purchase on a gut instinct we started looking for rentals. At that time, we had our beautiful baby boy, Samson. Samson happens to be a seventy-pound German Sheppard. I learned when we first got him that is difficult finding rental places that will allow2018-04-10 23.38.52-2 a German Sheppard. They are on an aggressive bread list with most rental companies. I had to get creative. After failing multiple times locating a home through a rental company, we resorted to Craig’s List. I know it sounds crazy, but I had some experience in the past finding on really great roommates on Craig’s List, so I thought why not give it a try. One listing said there was room for horses, so I figured why not give them a call, and it all worked out from there.


After renting a five-acre property for this long, we have learned a lot about our likes and dislikes, many that we will share here. Ironically enough one of things we realized is, we would be happy with even more land then we have now. Oh, and we would be pleased with an indoor washer and dryer… long story for another day.



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