And They Lived Happily Ever After …

… isn’t that how the story ends?

In our situation it’s just beginning! It has been some time since I wrote, and it is for a simple reason. Life just got in the way! After a long and exhausting process, we finally closed on Our Florida Farmhouse. A property we fell in love with, and one that we know was worth the wait. As expected our closing did not go according to plan, however in the end it all seemed to work out. This means our timing was a bit off, but with help from family we were able to move in the weekend after we closed, and we’ve been here now for almost a month.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, however you want to look at it) we have got a lot of work to do. When we moved into this property we knew that there was a lot of things we wanted to change, We’ve done our best to try and be patient however, it looks like we’re going to start moving on some big projects a lot sooner than we planned. It’s all very exciting for the both of us and terrifying at the same time. We’re going to try and take it one project at a time, but when you’re looking at taking down multiple walls and renovating a kitchen you start to wonder if it’s better to just do everything at once.

First Steps…

I’m not quite sure at this point how will handle it all, but right now we know we’re going to start by opening up the floor plan. Well, by we, I mean my husband and our contractor. While they work on that I’ll be working on the guest bedrooms. I have already begun to prime them and get them ready for paint. The carpets will need to be taken out and new hardwood floors will need to be laid. All of this is going on while the roof is being replaced. If you ever moved into a new property, then I’m sure you can relate. There are the small things you think you can get done right away, and then there’s a large thing that you should wait for but it’s just driving you crazy!

The good news is this is our forever home…

We decided that before we even found it, so the truth is we have forever to make it exactly what we want. We’re going to do what we can to document most of this experience for those of you who are in a similar situation. This is not a total renovation; our house and floor plan are quite nice. This is more less just making it what we always envisioned it could be.

As we progress on the inside will still be working on small projects for the outside. We would love to have our raised garden beds in by the spring, and chickens living in the coop, but that will take time. The best part about this property is the two beautiful horses that spend every day enjoying our pasture. They belong to our neighbor, but we are more than happy to share our little piece of heaven with them. For those of you who are still hunting, getting ready to hunt for a home, or are starting to renovate your current home, trust me when I tell you it will all be worth it. It might not feel that way now, but it will feel that way in the future. Before you know it, you too will be living your Happily Ever After.

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