A Love for Thrifting

Thrifting is my new shopping love…

Thrifting… second hand… pre-owned… doesn’t matter what you call, hunting around and finding a bargain is the best part of shopping thrift. My first love of thrifting came about late in life. I had lost a great deal of weight over a couple years and buying new clothes constantly through the process was way to expensive. Although I enjoy all things that were a bargain, I was known in the day to spend ridiculous amounts of money on ridiculous name brand stuff.

It was my love for You Tube that turned me on to thrifting. After following some channels of people who were on their own weight loss journeys and they were all shopping thrift, I thought what the heck, lets give it a try. Having always loved all things vintage and antique it seems like a seamless transition.  I didn’t always know what I was buying or if it was worth the price when antiquing which is what made this new adventure fun. My first visit to a thrift store was the local Goodwill. To this day it is one of my favorite stops.

What to look for:

Here is what I have learned though, you can’t go looking for anything too specific. Once I fixed my wardrobe situation I began shopping home décor. I always have a short list of my favorites to look for. Other then that it’s just general browsing around other people’s old stuff. Here’s a quick list of my favorite finds:

  1. Linen’s – All things linens! They can easily be washed and reused, sewn into something new or used as their original intended purpose. My best buy was two beautiful white linen drapery panels for $7.00. Can’t beat that.
  2. Antique China – I have a thing for all those beautiful mismatched flowery dishes. I pick them up whenever I can. Never a matching set, and I may never complete my collection… but I just can’t pass them up!
  3. Milk Glass- One of the first home décor collections I had was milk glass. The beauty of a simple white bud vase that goes with everything is irresistible. They can be so expensive at an antique store, that’s why the only place I will buy them is at Goodwill.
  4. Books- Old books are my thing. I read a lot so many are bought for just that purpose. However, they make great décor and you can even use the inside pages for DIY’s.
  5. Iron Stone- Iron Stone piece
    s are hard to come by however, this is the only place I find it at a decent price. It’s one of those things that is just fun to hunt for.

The best and worst parts of Goodwill is that the locations have everything. I have picked up more things that I was clueless about then things I loved. But, the best part of thrifting is the hunt. If you haven’t done it before then take some time and just go and look around. You will be surprised what you find there. Maybe, just maybe you will end up with a love of thrifting like me!

Think before you thrift!

Just make sure it fits into your budget. Check out our three part series if you need some tips on how to get started. We cover wants vs. needs in part one all the way through goal setting in part three. Here is a link to the first article:




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